Constant Close Leadership Team

Rashell Jarvis
Chief Executive Officer

With over 15 years of experience in the real estate and finance industries, Rashell brings her amazing super power to the forefront of Constant Close. She started the company as a way to help investors not only handle all of their real estate paperwork but also execute deals with sellers, close them, and sell the contract to others!

Templeton Walker
Chief Marketing Officer

As one of the Co-Founders, Templeton brings a wealth of knowledge to the company. Previously, as one of the top real estate agents in AZ and, now, as an owner of one of the top Wholesale and Flipping operations, he knows how integral Transaction Consulting is and continually lends his insightful knowledge to Constant Close!

Miguel Prado
Chief Sales Officer

Miguel brings a substantial amount of sales experience - both in acquisitions and dispositions - to the Constant Close leadership team in his role as Co-Founder. His main focus is to work with Constant Close clients to ensure their deals get sold through the vast network of end buyers we've established across the entire US!

Rodolfo Licon
Chief Operations Officer

Rodolfo "Rod" Licon is the soul of Constant Close. His main focus as Co-Founder is to ensure that every system and process is defined, followed, and measured. This ensures that every client experience is the best it can be and our Transaction Coordination Managers have the tools available to keep deals moving quickly!

Chris Wanamaker
Chief Technology Officer

As the Chief Technology Guru, Chris works with the Leadership and Management teams to ensure the infrastructure used to support the Constant Close team is finely tuned and uses the latest technology available. If you ever want to talk about business automation, Chris is your go-to source of information for speeding up any process!

Constant Close Management Team

Marilyn Cuenca
Virtual Assistant

Marilyn's primary focus is to ensure that all administrative tasks for each Constant Close deal are taken care of quickly and efficiently. Assisting each of the Transaction Consulting Managers and their teams, Marilyn is an integral part of the Constant Close team!

Albert Albaytar
Administrative Assistant

As the Administrative Assistance for Rashell, Albert ensures that her calendar is managed, her inbox is clear and all of the important elements of the day-to-day operations of Rashell's role are taken care of - allowing her to focus on the success of the Constant Close brand!

Bianca Spicer
Transaction Consulting Manager

Based in Georgia, Bianca loves the dynamic of the real estate world. Structuring the sale to optimize the transaction for an overall win for everyone allows her to be a resource to opportunities that residential real estate investing can offer to families & communities!

Jeannine Macedo
Transaction Consulting Manager

Currently residing in California, Jeannine is a mother, wife and life long learner. With over 7 years of experience as a Notary and Loan Signing agent and driven by her love of life, she fully enjoys partnering with investors and coordinating their deals from start to close!

Chelsea Cummings
Transaction Consulting Manager

Chelsea enjoys helping investors all over the world navigate their creative and wholesale real estate transactions. She goes the extra mile to keep communication thorough and organized, and always keep a calm and level-headed approach to all her deals!

Jillian Luna
Transaction Consulting Manager

Jillian has a deep passion for helping others and finding solutions to complex problems. She is confident, witty, bold and does her diligence in serving her clients in the best way possible. Her only focus is to go above and beyond when helping investors close deals!