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Frequently Asked Questions

We receive a lot of the same questions as most deals, even the creative ones, still have similar aspects to them! Please take some time to see if your questions in listed here before reaching out to us as it could take a couple days for us to respond – and we don’t want you to let a potential deal slip through the cracks!

Can I hire you as soon as I have a verbal yes from the seller?2022-02-08T14:54:03-07:00

Absolutely! With our Coordinate Paperwork package, we’ll get involved right from the start, drawing up all contracts and handling your deal through to completion

Do I need to know my end buyer for a wholesale deal?2021-12-30T04:36:59-07:00

You just need a seller who has agreed to terms with you. If you don’t have all the information you need we will help you gather everything you need on our consult call

Do you charge more for FHA transactions?2021-12-30T04:34:24-07:00

Yes. Many title companies and attorneys are not trained in the creative investor world and do not want to risk doing FHA escrows the wrong way. At Constant Close, we took action and learned how to properly close out an FHA creative deal by self-performing the title work. We took into consideration the closing fee you will pay with title companies and/or attorneys and decided to offer a low flat fee for your convenience

Do you coordinate mobile notaries?2021-12-30T04:42:58-07:00

We do coordinate mobile notaries if needed in any of our deals at the investor’s expense

Do you do loan modifications?2021-12-30T04:37:45-07:00

No, we do not do loan modifications

Do you have experience with subject to transaction in land trust?2021-12-30T04:41:47-07:00

Yes, we can help in land contract and know how to draw these up

Do you help explain private lender paperwork to an investor?2021-12-30T04:43:23-07:00

Yes, we do!

Do you help with trust paperwork?2021-12-30T04:42:07-07:00

No, trust paperwork will need to go through an attorney

Do you work with land contracts?2021-12-30T04:36:33-07:00

Yes! We’re well versed in land contracts

For your Transaction Coordinator service, do I have to bring my own contracts or do you take care of them?2021-12-30T04:49:56-07:00

We take care of the contracts

How do I contact my Transaction Coordinator?2021-12-30T04:34:45-07:00

When you sign up for Constant Close, we’ll provide you with our email and business phone number so you can communicate with us throughout the entire transaction process

How much time will a Transaction Coordinator save me?2021-12-30T04:26:53-07:00

At least 10 hours each week

How quickly can you help me close?2021-12-30T04:37:25-07:00

Closing is determined on how quickly we can get a preliminary title and lien search back depending on the county. That’s the slowest part of the entire process

If I want to be involved as little as possible, will you work directly with my disposition team?2021-12-30T04:51:25-07:00

Yes, we communicate with all third parties on your behalf throughout the closing process

Is the fee per closing? Or is it paid upfront regardless whether it ends up closing or not?2021-12-30T04:46:36-07:00

The fee covers our employees’ hours on transaction paperwork and communication with third parties, so unfortunately this is not refunded if the deal does not close. However, we help our clients have a smoother transaction process which results in a much higher closing rate than someone who doesn’t hire us

What are the benefits of using a Transaction Coordinator?2021-12-30T04:26:28-07:00

We’ll put more hours back in your day so you can find and close more deals and get back to running your business

What if I have questions before I submit my deal?2022-02-08T15:30:17-07:00

Take advantage of our 1-on-1 structure call for $150

What is a Transaction Coordinator?2021-12-30T04:26:01-07:00

We are consultants that advise and coordinate to make sure everything from the contract to the closing stage of a real estate transaction is handled and completed correctly and efficiently. We handle paperwork, manage deadlines, and communicate with all parties on your behalf

What is the difference between Transaction Coordinating and Transaction Consulting?2021-12-30T04:33:52-07:00

For transaction coordinating, you bring us your already executed contract and we handle the rest. For transaction consulting, we’re involved in right from the start, drawing up contracts and handling your deal all the way through to completion

What is Transaction Consulting?2021-12-30T04:31:21-07:00

Transaction consulting is helping you make informed decisions about your real estate deals, not only now, but also in the future. At Constant Close, we like to take a team approach. Whether you are part of a veteran team or an individual looking for help with transactions, we tweak the consulting we give based on your unique needs and what will provide you with the most value. We review systems, processes, and set you up to have partners in all 50 states that include insurance, title/attorney, and servicing partners. We offer a Q&A session with your team, one-on-one training with your transaction coordinator, a checklist to keep you on track with your real estate transactions, and the information you need to handle all of your creative deals

What jurisdictions/states do you cover?2021-12-30T04:35:42-07:00

We cover all 50 states in the continental U.S.

What types of deals do you handle?2021-12-30T04:31:40-07:00

We handle all types of creative real estate transactions and wholesale deals

Which title companies do you work with?2021-12-30T04:50:25-07:00

We have partners in all 50 states, and can also go with your company of choice. If you don’t have one, we will find one for you

Will I have one or multiple Transaction Coordinators?2021-12-30T04:35:11-07:00

You will have access to our entire team and a point of contact assigned to your specific deal

Will you have contact with my buyers and sellers?2021-12-30T04:27:16-07:00

Absolutely! We coordinate with all parties involved in the deal

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