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Have your own expert
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Free up more of your time
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Perferred title/attorney coverage in all 50 states
in the continental U.S.

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Get fast 1-on-1 help with structuring your deal for only $150!

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Our One-Time Fee Services

Coordinate Paperwork

$699/ Transaction
  • Wholesale Transactions
  • We Provide A Designated TC
  • We Handle The Full Escrow Process
  • Weekly Updates On Transaction Process
  • We Manage ALL Transaction Communications Via Email and Telephone 
  •  Vetted Attorney/Title Partners In All 50 States
  •  We Can Dispo Your Deal
  • Escrow Process:
  • Preliminary Title Reports
  • Handle Earnest Monies
  • Handle All Paperwork/Contracts
  • Coordinate With Title/Attorney Until Closing
  •  Assistance With Scheduling Closing  
  •  Review HUD/Settlement Statements

Creative Consulting

$999/ Transaction
  • Types of Deals Subject to, Hybrid, Seller Finance, Novation, Wraps, Lease Option, All Creative Deals
  • We Provide A Designated TC
  • Weekly Updates On Transaction Process
  • We Manage ALL Transaction Communications via email and telephone
  •  You Learn The Creative Deal Process  
  • We Can Dispo Your Deal
  • Escrow Process:
  • Preliminary Title Reports
  • Handle Earnest Monies
  • Handle All Paperwork/Contracts
  • Coordinate With Title/Attorney Until Closing
  •  Assistance With Scheduling Closing    
  •  Review HUD/Settlement Statements
  • Ideal Service For:
  • Investor Needing Help With Paperwork/Contracts
  • Offloading The TC Process With An Experienced TC
  •  When You Need Reccomendations To Close The Seller 

Want To Work With Us For FREE?!

If you are assigning or dispositioning your deal, we will add our fee to the closing costs so you can get reimbursed at close of escrow from the end buyer!

Not sure which product is right for you?

Watch the video and let Rashell explain the different packages to you or you can book a quick call with our experts who can figure out what you have and what you need to get the deal closed!

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What People Are Saying

Excellent set of professionals, highly skilled in doing creative out of the box deals!

Chris, Beulah Homes

Constant close is a valuable service. Hiring them allows you to focus on doing more deals for your company!

Christiane, Premium Home Solutions

I had a great experience working with Chelsea and Rashell. They made everything super easy and stress free for me. I plan on using them on my deals moving forward!

Drew, Figueroa Team

Overall I am ECSTATIC about Constant Close. Chelsea did an AWESOME job getting this deal to close for us!

Keith, Crowne Properties

Just locked up my first contract with a seller. Shout out to Rashell Jarvis for coordinating the transaction process. She helped me create the contract, called the seller, walked him through it and got it signed. She will oversee the entire transaction even with the end buyer and is more than willing to help however she can… It’s basically free when you understand the value she is adding.

Blane, SubTo Student

Very well pleased by the tremendous job done by this company. Jillian Is awesome and she was on top of her shit through out  the whole process of closing a Sub2 transaction. Very efficient, and communicates in a very timely manner

Lawrence, Centric Property Consultants
Rashell Jarvis at Constant Close is the absolute best! We have used Rashell on all of our deals and I would never enter a transaction without her involved. She goes over and above and actually calls the sellers directly and works them through any concerns that they may have so they don’t back out. Her knowledge of contracts, title, closing, and process is second to none and you just can’t find a better team member when doing these real estate transactions. We highly recommend using Rashell and Constant Close for any transaction as she will save you time, money, and stress!
Casey, Property Buyers 365

Rashell Jarvis is a real estate transaction coordinator beast! She can help you structure your deal, get a contract prepared, present it to your sellers, get it signed, send it to the title company, help you open escrow, make amendments, help you understand title reports, communicate with attorneys, walk you through complicated/difficult conversations, give you credibility, create trust with your sellers and buyers, and SO MUCH MORE. I have hired her and she did every single one of the listed benefits and more.

Chelsea, Investor

Legal Disclaimer : “Please note that we are not Attorneys, CPA’s or Financial Advisor. We provide NO legal opinion as to the validity or marketability of any documents prepared on your behalf. If you desire a legal opinion you will need to obtain separate legal counsel, at your additional cost. Such legal opinion will be on your behalf.”